Happy River | I don’t need to improve – Black
A place to talk about self love, self acceptance, deliberately creating your life and following your dreams. Products connecting design with affirmations such as I'm enough, I don't need to improve and I'm loved.
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I don’t need to improve – Black

This pattern is called “I don’t need to improve” because that’s what I reminded myself of constantly while I was working on this.


We live in a world where we always have to improve and we’re never good enough, which is just exhausting and destructive and doesn’t help anyone. So I wanted to change that. With products from this pattern collection you can be reminded every time you see it that you don’t need to improve. Tell yourself:


I don’t need to improve

I don’t need to improve my thoughts

I don’t need to improve my emotions

I don’t need to improve my body


This is the black version of the pattern I don’t need to improve. The original was created with first cutting out the shape from paper, then I putting lots of paint on it and then I pressed it against another paper to mix the paint. Then I let it dry, actually for a few years because it wasn’t until I found it a few years later while going trough some old art projects that I thought:


“Hey, this is pretty cool. I wonder if I can do anything with it”.


I scanned it and vectorized it before making a seamless pattern from it. This version comes from playing around with the colours in Photoshop. Like many creative things this pattern sort of created itself and I focused on letting it happen.


24 April, 2018