Happy River | Self love, design and happiness
A place to talk about self love, self acceptance, deliberately creating your life and following your dreams. Products connecting design with affirmations such as I'm enough, I don't need to improve and I'm loved.
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Happy river is encouraging people to create more self love in their everyday life. With inspiring thoughts and with the love-filled Purposeful Patterns.

I’m so glad you found this corner of cyber space. This is, and forever will be, a safe space where you are enough.


Here you are enough exactly as you are right now.


Here  you are enough no matter what you feel because here all emotions are ok. Even those really uncomfortable ones.


Here no one will tell you you have to lose weight, gain weight, change this or change that. There are so many other places for that so instead this will be one of those spaces where you can just relax. Because you don’t need to improve.

Dive deep with me

On the blog I write about the journey to being authentic, about sadness, about happiness, about being angry, about not being perfect and about actually being perfect and infinite. In other words I write about life. And I hope I will give joy to someone. Or maybe just relief. Or hope.

Inspire me!
“Daddy, I want a squirrel”

(Anyone getting the Charlie and chocolate factory reference?) Alright, so I don’t have any squirrels to sell, because I think they should be free in the woods. But I do have some cool products with my very own patterns on. Jump on over to Etsy to have a look!

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Spread the looooove!

From the beginning Happy River has given away 10 % of profits to a chosen charity, organisation, project or person that is doing good. Because being kind is a superpower and I want to support the good guys in the world. Your happiness is my happiness is our happiness.

Tell me more!

It’s more important to be yourself than to be positive



– Anita Moorjani