Pay it forward
A place to talk about self love, self acceptance, deliberately creating your life and following your dreams. Products connecting design with affirmations such as I'm enough, I don't need to improve and I'm loved.
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The love party shouldn’t end with self love. Let’s spread the looooove.

Down below you can read about the first charity I chose to support:

Con Pazión, who works with children in impoverished areas of Peru.


All texts and photos belong to Con Pazión and may only be used with their permission.

Con Pazión – For a better future together

Con Pazion provides children with a holistic education that offers children the knowledge and skills they need to care for themselves and others while participating in upward community development. We use yoga as our main tool to develop physical and mental strength.


We provide the children with a solid general education, including experiential environmental education. We believe that education drastically improves a child’s chances for improving their life by giving them the knowledge and skills they need for social and civil mobility.

Yoga and meditation

Regular yoga practice, combined with meditation, benefits both the body and mind by cultivating strength, flexibility, coordination, and self-awareness. Yoga promotes concentration while reducing stress and bringing a sense of inner peace and well-being. We believe yoga helps build the self-confidence and inner strength our students need to rise out of their current circumstances and create better lives for themselves.


We emphasize health education, teaching the importance of proper nutrition, clean water, grooming, disease prevention, physical fitness, and more. The children learn how to care for themselves and increase their well-being through healthy behavior.

Life Skills and Values

Beyond our academic emphasis, we want the children to develop values and skills that will help the children be successful and contributing members of society. We offer our students the chances to develop personal and social responsibility, communication skills, and leadership skills. We teach the value of honesty and being true to your word.


We also teach practical life skills, including organic gardening, to give our children the skills they need to care for themselves and each other in community, and how to take care of the earth and protect the environment.