Purposeful Patterns
A place to talk about self love, self acceptance, deliberately creating your life and following your dreams. Products connecting design with affirmations such as I'm enough, I don't need to improve and I'm loved.
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When I first started designing patterns I knew I wanted them to be more than just patterns. And then one day the idea of inspiring people and designing patterns made a love baby and I decided to call it Purposeful patterns. And it’s not new for things to have a deeper meaning than just being things. I mean lucky socks are almost scientifically proven to bring luck.

(Hey, I said almost…) So I thought, why not give people an opportunity to both have cool things designed with love and daily reminders of a chosen message at the same time?



I have given each design a statement/message/affirmation/whatever you want to call it, but of course you can choose one that rings your bells more if you want. However, I encourage you to choose something that will build your self-esteem, self love and confidence, such as “I’m enough”, “It’s ok to have feelings”, “I’m loved” or “I’m safe”, because that’s the whole point of this.